Gammatek unleashes new Snug range on SA

“We’ve taken to heart our customers’ wants for affordable, durable and reliable smartphone accessories

Johannesburg, South Africa. September 2015– Gammatek, a leading distributor of branded technology accessories in South Africa, has launched a new range of affordable smartphone must-haves, Snug. The exciting Snug cast includes cases, easy apply anti-glare screenguards,  power banks, wireless , car and home chargers with more to be added to the line-up in the future.

“We’ve taken to heart our customers’ wants for affordable, durable and reliable smartphone accessories. We are excited to make the new range, Snug, available to the South African market. Snug is a range of ergonomic mobile accessories that are inspired by Scandinavian design principles to fit precisely, do their job, and look doing it,” says Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.

Introducing the Snug cast:

  • Snug PowerBank  – A compact external battery which can fully charge a smartphone up to seven times to extend the device’s battery life anywhere at any time. It features a dual USB to charge two devices at once. The battery life indicator shows how much power is still available. The different options are 2500MAH , 4400MAH , 5200MAH , 11000MAH , 13000MAH and a whopping 20000MAH that chargers laptopbs
  • Snug Anti-glare Screenguard – A self absorbing, bubble free screengaurd that protects against glare and scratches. It features application tabs to guide precision application to the screen.
  • Snug Tempered Glass Screenguard – A shock resistant, anti-glare, anti-slip screenguard which fits snugly to smartphone screens for optimal protection. Application is simple. Pressing the screenguard lightly in the centre starts the electrostatic absorption onto the screen for easy and precise adherence to the screen.
  • Snug Viking Case – A robust, tight-fitting  case that protects against drops and shocks. It also features an anti-scratch, anti-finger print and anti-dust screenguard. The sides are black or white with a clear back to show off your favourite Smartphone.
  • Snug Wireless Charger – A convenient device charger that allows the user to simply place their QI device on the wireless charging matt to power up. Power is transmitted from the pad to the device without the need for a physical connector or cable.
  • Snug Micro USB Car Charger – A portable, compact car charger for super-fast charging of devices while driving. Compatible with most micro USB devices, it has two USB ports to charge 3 smartphones simultaneously with a maximum 3.0 Amp output.
  • Snug Lightning Car Charger – A compact charger for Apple devices. It’s revolutionary design boasts two USB ports and a built in cable for charging iPhones and iPads on the move.
  • Snug Lightning & Micro USB home chargers – these chargers allow for super fast charging of any tablet or 3 smart phones simultaneously with a maximum 3 Amp output. Its  revolutionary design has 2 USB ports and a built in cable.

For information on your nearest stockist please contact Gammatek on 011-201 0800.